How to replace krassula

How to replace krassula

Krassula, crassula, monetary tree – all this names of the same houseplant. For certain, it is in collection of each amateur flower grower. The plant has such popularity thanks to the widely known ability to attract financial wellbeing to the house.


1. The crassula is really extremely unpretentious. Lighting special is not necessary for it: to hide from direct sunshine in the summer, it is better to hold on windowsill in the winter. Watering - in process of soil drying. There is enough 1–2 times a month in the winter, is more often in the summer. As fertilizing universal fertilizers approach.

2. Krassula grows extremely slowly. In general the plant is capable to live very long, and for 10-12 it, most likely, will blossom. The tree does not need frequent change. And still every three years the place of its dwelling needs to be changed.

3. First, universal earth mix will be suitable for plant. It is also possible to take mix for cacti or succulents, to add there 1/5 part of sand, and it is worth laying drainage on bottom of pot no more than two centimeters. Some superstitious flower growers put in drainage two-three of coins - for strengthening of property of plant to attract money. It will not do any harm to plant, and also the truth can - will help the owner to catch the one million.

4. Secondly, the pot should be picked up correctly. Roots of crassula will feel much more comfortably in low, but wide cachepot with pallet for water.

5. The third rule: you should not disturb roots of plant at all and to try to shake out old soil. Transfer, than change is more acceptable for krassula. If during these manipulations you after all have damaged backs and also if suddenly you have noticed the begun to rot roots at plant, they need to be cut off immediately. The plant is better after that at once not to plant in soil – will decay. It is necessary to dry its wounds on air. It is better to put in pot next day.

6. And in the fourth, replacing tree, be careful not only with roots. Leaves at crassula very short, at the inaccurate address many of them can fall down.

7. After change it is necessary to look after tree more carefully. At first it is worth keeping it from influence of direct sunshine. It is not necessary to humidify the new soil excessively at all. At this time, more than ever, the plant is inclined to rotting. In warm season, and it is better to replace at the end of spring, the plant should be taken in the fresh air.

8. In the next month after change the krassula is not recommended to be fertilized. At the correct leaving of the careful owner the crassula will even please in flowers, however, it is necessary to wait a little. If to believe that the tree brings money to the house, then it obligatory and will make.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team