How to replace larva of the door lock

How to replace larva of the door lock

If you broke the lock or you have just ceased to trust it if you have lost keys or have decided to warm door - before you surely there will be problem of acquisition and installation of the new lock. In most cases, there is no need to change all lock entirely - rather simply to replace its core. Independent replacement of larva of the lock will take no more than 15 minutes and will not demand from you special knowledge and skills.

It is required to you

  • - new larva,
  • - screw-driver,
  • - tape measure.


1. Measure door thickness. Record door in open position and by means of tape measure measure its thickness. If your door is warmed, it is necessary to make measurement of face taking into account heater thickness. Otherwise the larva of the new lock can be too short and will "utaplivatsya" in upholstery.

2. Take out larva from door. Unscrew the bolt fixing larva from door edge. Insert key into the lock, turn and record it in situation "openly" (if your door, from the inside, is closed on "revolving object", it is enough to turn "revolving object"). At the same time the cam has to coincide completely with profile and not interfere with larva. Press fingers lock larva from outer side of door and accurately take out lock core.

3. Make measurement of larva. Measure its width, length and diameter. Also it is worth paying attention to information on the producer of the lock. It has to be specified on core.

4. Insert larva back, turn key to situation "is closed", wrap antirotation bolt and go to shop.

5. Give the seller information on the sizes of the lock and manufacturing firm. When choosing suitable option it is worth paying attention to color of the larva offered you. It is very desirable that it coincided with color of accessories of your door. It is also necessary to decide on what lock you want to put: that which is closed by key from two parties or where on inside of door there will be "revolving object".

6. Take out old larva from door once again as it is described in item 2

7. Insert instead of it new. Record key in situation "is closed" and wrap mounting screw in door edge. Your new lock is ready to work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team