How to replace myrtaceous tree

How to replace myrtaceous tree

The myrtle has received the name from the Greek word mayron that means "balm". This evergreen bush has set of curative properties and is widely applied in traditional medicine. At sufficient leaving this plant grows to 1 meter in height. In cultivation of myrtle its timely change is of great importance.

It is required to you

  • - sand;
  • - peat, cespitose or sheet earth;
  • - drainage;
  • - vinegar;
  • - lemon;
  • - aspirin;
  • - ceramic pot;
  • - Epina solution;
  • - activated carbon;
  • - big capacity for soaking of roots;
  • - chip or ruler.


1. The myrtle loves light fertile soil with a little increased acidity. Prepare pochvosmes, having mixed the sheet, peat or cespitose earth and bank sand in equal proportions. If you buy mix in specialized shop, ask special structures for myrtaceous trees or universal pochvosmes which at change acidify vinegar solution (5 g of vinegar on 1 l of water).

2. Replace the plant acquired in shop in ceramic pot which is slightly more than the size, than root system. Fill pot with soil mix on one third. Take out plant from plastic container and well wash out roots. Examine root system on availability of dark stains and soft parts. Remove the damaged roots, powder cuts with pounded activated carbon.

3. Prepare Epina solution and put in it myrtle for the night. Before change put drainage layer on pot bottom. It can be haydite, small pebble or pieces of polyfoam. Fill pot with soil mix on one third. Put plant in pot, well straighten roots and fill up them with the paved way.

4. Replace young plants of myrtle in this way every year. After three years the plant needs change of times in three years, transfer method. For this purpose carefully, without having damaged roots, separate the earth in pot from walls by means of wooden chip or plastic ruler. Pull for radical part of trunk and take out plant. Without shaking the earth from roots, establish plant in new pot with drainage. Fill up emptiness with earth mix.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team