How to replace nolina

How to replace nolina

Beaucarnea or nolina – room deciduous plant from family agavovy. This look is very popular with fans of decorative flowers and can adequately decorate any collection of houseplants. That the nolina pleased you with the beautiful view, it is necessary to learn to replace it correctly. There are several rules of change, conforming to which, you will be able to achieve good health of house "favourite".

  • - wide capacity for change;
  • - drainage;
  • - earth.

1. First, remember that the nolina should be replaced every year. Do it mainly in the spring. As the nolina has superficial root system, for its change you will need superficial pots. Get the wide capacity in which you will replace flower in shop better. Diameter of each new flowerpot has to be 3 cm more than former.

2. Before process of change on bottom of capacity fill small amount of drainage.

3. In specialized shop buy the land for Beaucarnea. Surely consult with the expert who will tell you about features of its structure and rules of change of plant.

4. Choose such earth mix which will be friable, friable and uniform in exterior. Consider that it has to consist of the peat and sheet earth and also sand in proportion 1:1:1.

5. Add two parts of humus to the bought mix. As a result at you the following combination has to turn out: one part peat, one part of the sheet earth, two parts of humus and one part of sand.

6. If it turns out so that in shop there will be no earth for nolina, buy cactus soil. It perfectly will approach.

7. One of features of nolina is that it has unusual swelling in the basis. It serves as the tank for the water supply and nutrients necessary for growth of plant and it is called - kaudex. Remember that at change of nolina kaudex it is impossible to dig in at all!

8. Cover with earth only flower roots, previously accurately having straightened them on all area of capacity. Do it carefully, trying to damage nothing.

9. Strictly follow the basic rule of change of Beaucarnea - it is replaced only to the dry soil! It will be strictly possible to water plant in couple of days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team