How to replace orchid in house conditions

Orchids need change each two years, over time substrate loses all the nutritious properties and the orchid ""starves"". Say the following signs about it: leaves become pale, fade, growth new bulb stops. If you have noticed one of these signs at the flower are signal to action.

  • Transparent plastic pot with perforated bottom
  • Substrate for orchids
  • Activated carbon
  • Drainage for flowers

1. Before the beginning of work place pot with orchid in water for some time that substrate in which there is flower has become wet and has separated from pot walls with ease. It is desirable to grow up orchids in plastic pots - first, it is easier to take out flower, squeezing pot walls, and secondly, in glass and clay pots to roots of flower it can be cold if they stand, for example, on window. If roots of orchid have grown to pot walls, it is necessary to separate accurately them wooden stick. Further wash orchid roots with warm water that the substrate which has stuck to them has departed, without damaging flower.

2. If on roots you find the decayed sites, they need to be cut off to the healthy site of root. The place of cut needs to be powdered with pounded activated carbon. Further it is necessary to fill in the prepared pot with perforated bottom drainage small layer. We lower orchid on layer of drainage and carefully we fill up substrate. It is periodically necessary to stir up pot or to tap on its walls for uniform distribution of substrate between roots. Special substrate which can be bought in any flower shop is necessary for orchids. There is no need to stamp substrate densely, air and light and water have to get rather well to orchid roots. If part of roots in pot was not located, there is nothing terrible that they will remain on surface.

3. You should not water orchid right after it was replaced, we have already enough humidified roots, washing out them. After change the pot with orchid needs to be put in the shaded place with high humidity. The first time can be watered orchid in two-three weeks, having moved it to that place where it will constantly stand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team