How to replace pepper

How to replace pepper

Pepper became favourite plant for all gardeners. Variety of forms and colourings surprises with time skilled gardeners, but all this laborious work of selectors. To grow up healthy and large fruits, it is necessary to take care of seedling.


1. Pepper quite thermophilic plant, and in midland it cannot be grown up, landing in soil at once. Therefore, as a rule, seeds put in small tanks or boxes, and plant seedling which then has already grown up in soil. One more less known reason for which seedling of pepper needs change is that the root system of this plant badly develops in large number of the earth, expanding evenly. So far pepper young, for it is more acceptable much pot, smaller on the area, where roots of plant are located more densely.

2. Before turning directly to question about changes of pepper, it should be noted some features of its root system. The distinctive feature of this its family, solanaceous from other representatives, is very weak root system. At change it is easily damaged, root hairs break and torn. On trunks practically of all pepper additional roots are formed, but, nevertheless the plant cannot be deepened. It can lead to bad fructification and development of diseases.

3. At change of pepper from box where them number grows, the earth it is necessary it is abundant to water, approximately per day. During this time the soil will manage to dry up to optimum state. If to replace them right after watering, then the earth lump which is taken together with plant will be quite heavy and can damage gentle root system. And if to leave the earth dry, then, first, saplings will be more difficult to be separated from each other, and secondly, there will be no earth lump left that will complicate "sewing" of seedling.

4. Land pepper on the same level as they also grew earlier. Deepening negatively affects them. After disembarkation the earth is a little condensed. Then water. The first waterings have to be carried out extremely accurately. It is impossible to assume that water got on stalk or foliage of pepper.

5. Dive (replace) pepper when they form about 4 leaflets. Too young plants badly transfer change. But also you should not tighten with it too. Because strongly expanded roots easily are injured, and then are restored for a long time. During this period the leaves can be showered. But if it happened, you should not throw out plant at once. After a while there can be new leaflets. Of course, at such pepper the fruits will appear much later.

6. After disembarkation it is desirable to mulch pepper. It allows to protect additional backs on plant trunk, to secure pepper against drying and to keep the soil friable, and it is very important for this type of culture. It is worth remembering that if change was carried out to hot weather, the plant needs to be shaded. For example, by means of branches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team