How to replace rings

How to replace rings

If it is established that the idle ring is failure cause of electric stove, it is possible just to replace it with new, coinciding with it on diameter. It is simple to make it independently, observing some recommendations.

It is required to you

  • Screw-drivers flat and cross, two wrenches on 10 mm, combination pliers, new ring.


1. Measure diameter of idle ring. Besides, examine condition of the external metal ring located between cover of electric stove and ring. If it is damaged, it needs to be got together with new ring which should be established instead of faulty.

2. Disconnect plate power supply. Open top cover in plate, previously having untwisted the screws holding it on the body.

3. Turn off nut from metal rod which is twisted in the body of faulty ring. Disconnect grounding wire. The pin needs to be exempted completely from fixture in order that it was possible to remove bracket or casing easily. Remove bracket or casing from the pin, holding ring with palm on the other hand.

4. Squeeze out ring from within outside, holding it with hand, close cover. Put ring on cover. If the ring is damaged – remove it. If the ring suitable, let it remains on plate body cover. If the old ring was removed, put on new ring new ring and put it near old so that contacts on both rings have appeared from above.

5. Disconnect in turn wires with contacts from old ring, in the same order attaching on one on new ring. In this case you will not get confused in sequence of contacts, and the new ring will be connected in the same way, as old.

6. Establish ring into place and open plate body cover, pressing ring to cover hand. Without releasing ring, put on fixing casing or bracket the pin, being guided by the next rings. Fasten them. Attach earth wire.

7. Close cover. Check whether the ring is exactly established. If necessary correct. Establish the bolts holding cover into place. Then connect electric stove and check whether again established ring works.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team