How to replace saplings

How to replace saplings

It is possible to be engaged in change at all seasons of the year, except winter. At change during the autumn period the saplings need to be hilled and zamulchirovat brushwood. Replacing climbers, do it together with support to which they fastened.


1. Young saplings do not need to be planted in holes from recently rooted out trees or stubs since on the place of old trees the pristvolny zone is struck with colonies of wreckers and also disputes of fungal and other diseases. The young plant replaced to the similar place except the exhausted earth, will receive also array of problems.

2. If there is no opportunity to pick up the new place for change, it is necessary to remove soil from old landing holes, to disinfect them and to fill with the fresh soil mixed with fertilizers. It is the best of all to be engaged in it in the fall that by spring to receive new full-fledged seat.

3. Before change the plant is carefully dug out, trying not to destroy earth lump. At outplanting the part of roots is cut off, the small inhausting backs, being in earth lump, remain. Therefore, the more the soil lump around roots, the less is damaged the root system of sapling.

4. Under natural conditions roots occupy significant area therefore, in attempt to replace sapling, their large number will appear outside earth lump. Having lost considerable part of root system, the plant can ache and die. For this reason for change with soil lump the sapling needs to be prepared.

5. If previously to cut roots with shovel, without digging out plant, it is possible to cause growth of compact root system in earth lump. The saplings prepared in this way transfer change much easier and better take root. To keep integrity of earth lump, it is packed in grid or burlap together with which then and replace.

6. It is not desirable to be engaged in change in hot weather since plants can suffer from evaporations and dehydration, it is better to wait for more cool weather. It is the best of all to store before change saplings in the dark place, the root system has to be moistened.

7. First of all, it is necessary to dig out hole, it has to be twice wider, than the root system of plant. The dug earth needs to be placed in trough or other capacity, such that then it was convenient to mix it with humus and fertilizers.

8. In the hole prepared for change make small hillock, put on it sapling. Then fill up hole at the edges of mixed with fertilizers by the soil from trough. You watch that soil level around the replaced plant was slightly higher than ground level in garden. It is necessary in order that at land subsidence the root neck of sapling has not appeared too deeply since it can lead to death of young plant.

9. Carefully stamp the earth around sapling and make around the roller for watering. Then water, let's water be absorbed completely to the soil and water once again. After that hammer into hole at an acute angle level and tie her hemp. If sapling large, then hammer three pegs at identical distance and tie up it so that ropes were tense. Drive in pegs accurately, trying not to damage sapling roots.

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