How to replace seedling of pepper

How to replace seedling of pepper

Vegetable pepper, family of nightshade family, – thermophilic plant, its homeland – South America. For good growth it needs the sun. In the Russian climate culture is grown up in the seedling way.


1. On seedling pepper is sowed at the beginning of February. Early grades sow in 60 days prior to landing in soil, late for 70. Crops are preceded by preparation of seeds. That they have quicker sprouted, put them in wet fabric towel wipes and sustain day in the warm place. Prepare boxes, pots under seedling, fill them with seedling substrate. Pepper does not love change therefore that once again not to disturb it, better to sow 2 seeds in glasses. For disinfecting spill soil boiled water one day before landing.

2. If you sow seeds in boxes, make longitudinal grooves, spread out in them sunflower seeds, spill water, powder with the dry earth and condense. Make glasses in empty box, put in everyone 2 seeds and stamp. Cover box with film or glass and put to the warm place for emergence of shoots. Temperature for germination + 25 +27 degrees. Sprouts arise for 7−12 day, but if to them it is cold, emergence of shoots can be delayed up to 15−20 days.

3. At the first shoots remove glass from boxes and put them in the lit place. At the shortage of light make additional illumination that seedling well developed and was strong. The lack of lighting leads to pulling and curvature of seedlings. Saplings from box need sword-play, hold it to stages of emergence of two real leaflets.

4. Some days before landing to the constant place begin hardening of plants, you take out them in the afternoon on the street. Seedling by the time of landing has to be strong, 20−25 cm high with 7−12 leaves and buds. Land pepper on the prepared narrow beds with the fertile, warmed-up up to 15 degrees soil. Plant saplings in the square-cluster way, on the area of 60 cm x 60 cm place 2 plants. At thickened landings high probability of emergence of root decay. Bring in holes on 1 glass of potash fertilizer, it is abundant them spill and wait when water is absorbed.

5. Water seedling, carefully, together with earth lump, take out from glass and place in hole, powder with soil on the level of earth lump, pepper does not suffer deepening. Stamp the soil around plant and zamulchiruyta. Once again water, the following watering is required in week. Tie up tall grades to pegs. Sewing of saplings requires 1−2 weeks as soon as new leaflets appear, so seedling has taken root and she can be fed up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team