How to replace ten in the washing machine

How to replace ten in the washing machine

The multiple deposits considerably reducing device life cycle appear from behind the increased rigidity of tap water on heating coil of the washing machine. At breakage of TENa it is not obligatory to send the machine for expensive repair, it is possible to eliminate fault also with the hands.

It is required to you

  • - New TEN;
  • - Set of screw-drivers;
  • - Box wrenches on 8 and 10 mm;
  • - Combination pliers;
  • - Liquid soap.


1. Replacement of heating coil can be made without difficulties in the washing machine of any model. Automatic equipment reports about failure of TENa in modern devices, it is also possible to determine fault by lack of heating of water during operating time if the mode of boiling down or high-temperature washing is included. The increased rigidity of tap water because of which on surface of TENa the raid of salts and scum is formed is basic reason of failure of heating coil. It leads to overheating and destruction of the heating spiral.

2. Before works it is necessary to disconnect the washing machine from network. At the vast majority of the TEN models it is located in back part of tank, near the engine therefore it is necessary to turn the car and to provide free access to the place of works. Also it will be required to remove back cover, having turned off several bolts by means of the screw-driver or wrench on 8 or 10 millimeters.

3. TEN is fixed in the lower part of washing tank, in small deepening of oval form. Three wires are attached to it, by means of quick-detachable terminals or nuts: brown, blue and flavovirent. Also the temperature recorder having two departing wires connected plug connection can be installed in the TENa body.

4. At first it is necessary to disconnect the temperature sensor and supply leads. If quick-detachable terminals are used, additional use of universal lubricant can be required. Removal needs to be made by means of combination pliers, without making considerable efforts. TEN is fixed in landing opening by means of clamp plate. To weaken fixing, it is necessary to release average nut and to twist it on the end of pin, then it is necessary to push them inside the screw-driver or combination pliers. After that rubber sealant needs to be extracted together with TENG, carefully loosening it here and there. Can be required to hook one party of laying by thin flat blade screwdriver, but at the same time it is impossible to damage edges of landing opening.

5. When the heating coil is taken from the washing machine, it is necessary to glance in opening and to check availability at the bottom of tank of garbage, residues of powder, dirt or scum. If they are, it is better to remove pollution at once, sweeping away garbage thin rod to mouth of drain hole, previously having removed collar and having disconnected drainage crepe paper. It is also important to check availability of guides for TENa which can be placed on each side or in the center of the established spiral.

6. Before installation of the heater in the washing machine it is necessary to wind nut on pin of clamping level, then without efforts to enter TEN into adjusting opening. At rubber sealant usually there is groove which fixes laying in wall of washing tank. When TEN is established, it is necessary to tighten clamping nut, controlling rigidity of fastening of the heater. After fixing join it supply lead and the temperature recorder, then it is possible to carry out assembly of the body and to expose the washing machine on level.

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