How to replace the door lock

How to replace the door lock

It is unpleasant when the door lock moreover at the most inappropriate moment when you hurry on important meeting breaks and you cannot open door. Or, on the contrary, you are outside and you cannot get home. But if such trouble after all has happened, the lock should be replaced as soon as possible.

It is required to you

  • - screw-driver;
  • - chisel;
  • - hammer;
  • - knife;
  • - drill with drills.


1. Remove lock larva. For this purpose unscrew fastening bolt from edge level, turn key in larva a little and get it. Remove from external and inside of doors ornamental strips. To execute this operation, twist from the inside of door two bolts – in the top and lower parts of levels.

2. Take bolts and remove handles together with decorative pads – external from outer end of doors, internal in return. Get rod on which handles and the drive of latch fasten. Turn off sideways screws of fastening of the body together with level. Pull out the body from the slot.

3. Prepare the new mechanism. It should be chosen in full compliance to former – for this purpose it is necessary to know model of the broken lock and manufacturer, otherwise it is necessary to adjust long the new lock to old groove, and it is harmful to the door.

4. Insert the new body into the groove which has remained after the former lock. Try on whether well it enters if to it it is rather small, it is possible to make easy grinding by means of chisel. When the body is inserted into place, try on over it level – adjustment can be necessary for it too. In this case it is required to cut groove so that the level adjoined densely, without slots and gaps. In door face it has to be drowned so that one plane would turn out.

5. Adjust openings for fastening of door handles and ornamental strips. The same for lock larva – it has to come freely into the body through door cloth, without touching it anywhere.

6. Insert the body into groove, fasten it in the bottom of and at the top of face two screws. Insert larva on its place and fix from face too. Establish rod of fastening of handles and the drive of latch, the handle together with ornamental strips and pull together with bolts.

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