How to replace traffic jams with the automatic machine

How to replace traffic jams with the automatic machine

In many old apartments and houses, at dachas still it is possible to see the twisted traffic jams on electric guards. Protection of network by means of traffic jams is very inconvenient therefore they should be replaced with modern circuit breakers.


1. Protection of network by means of traffic jams not only is archaic, but also is unsafe in case the burned-down stopper is restored by means of "bug" (subcoiled thin delay). Availability of circuit breakers not only reliably protects wiring from short circuits, but also allows, if necessary, easily and quickly to deenergize it.

2. To replace traffic jams with automatic machines, to you the electrics will not be required to cause, to take any permissions – traffic jams are at the output of the counter therefore you have the right to make all. But be attentive, when replacing traffic jams do not damage the seals which are sealing up the electric counter.

3. You need to install two circuit breakers – on one on phase wire and on zero. Choose circuit breakers, proceeding from expected loading. In most cases, circuit breakers on 16 or 25 amperes are used.

4. At first dismantle old traffic jams. For control of phase wire use sampler, the left wire departing from the counter is usually phase. Carefully turn off the screw-driver screws, if necessary use rubber gloves for prevention of defeat by electric current. Watch closely that the phase wire accidentally has not concerned zero!

5. To install circuit breakers, you need DIN-rail – special profile, aluminum or iron. Circuit breakers can be installed closely to each other therefore there will be enough ten-centimetric piece of rail. Fasten it screws horizontally in that place where there will be circuit breakers.

6. Having delayed latch on the circuit breaker, hook it vertically on DIN-rail, the letters "On" have to be above. In the same way install also the second automatic machine. Then connect wires, at the same time circuit breakers have to be in the switched-off situation. Pay attention that the wires going from the electric counter have to approach the top terminals of circuit breakers. The wires going to room network are connected to their lower terminals. Strong tighten screws, otherwise terminals can be heated at heavy load. Installation of circuit breakers is finished.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team