How to replace tree if it is big

How to replace tree if it is big

Change of tree can be necessary in case of new construction on its place, expansion of recreation area or the playground. For success of change of big tree it is necessary to know important parts of this work.

It is required to you

  • Strong shovel, secateurs, clay, wood charcoal, fertilizers, water.


1. Change is normally transferred by trees of coniferous breeds. For example, pine, thuja, fir, fir-tree and many others. At change the tree should be dug out together with roots. Consider that some trees develop roots which go far to the parties. If to disturb them, the tree can hurt then very strongly. Before change dig around tree transheyka 30 cm wide, and at least 60 cm in depth. Chop the roots which have appeared in trench the sharp device or cut with secateurs. After that powder roots with wood charcoal or cover with garden putty, clay. Loosen the Pristvolny circle and add fertilizer. Now the tree is ready to change.

2. Choose the place for change. It has to be comfortable for tree: in shadow or in the sun, with damp or, on the contrary, the droughty soil. Prepare landing hole in 15 days prior to change. Digging hole, pay attention to condition of the soil. If it is strongly exhausted, replace it with fertile. Average depth of landing hole: 1 meter. Bigger deepening is not desirable as the root system from it can decay. Determine width of hole by width of earth lump on roots. Before change on bottom of landing hole fill humus.

3. Start jumping of tree: insert strong shovel into the dug trench and try to push it under roots. If it is impossible, remove more soil on both parties of plant. Try to weaken grasp of roots with the soil again. When you see that roots are released, move tree on the burlap outspread by row. Tie tree with burlap: so you keep earth lump on roots. Now it is desirable to moisten burlap with water.

4. Having grabbed the edge of burlap, transport tree to new hole. Untie burlap and strongly establish tree in earth hole. Throw hole the paved way and well stamp that inside there were no emptiness. After that water tree and again strongly stamp. If in the soil there are air pockets, the tree can easily move a little. For watering there will be enough one bucket. Later water tree every three days within 1.5 months. In pristvolny circle lay out mulch: it will allow the soil to remain damp for a long time.

5. Replace foliferous tree in the early spring as soon as snow thaws. Change is well transferred by rowan, horse chestnut, bird cherry, apple-tree, mespilus, plum, quince, pear and many others. To protect bark of the replaced tree from drying, tie up to it moss, birch bark, rags, layer of straw or cardboard. In the spring at the tree replaced earlier surely truncate all excess branchings. If there is opportunity to pritenit tree after change, surely make it. So the root system will quicker be restored and will come to compliance with elevated part of tree. Also after change the additional watering by korneobrazovaniye stimulators - Geteroauksin, Kornevin and others is recommended.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team