How to replace Victoria

How to replace Victoria

Victoria is the most popular berry on seasonal dachas. For receiving good harvest every year it is necessary to replace plant. Old bushes just cease to fructify.

It is required to you

  • Strawberry mustache, soil soil, water, fertilizers, small garden rake.


1. Strawberry it is accepted to replace once in three-four years. For such period berry manages to give the maximum quantity of harvest. After four years the intensity of fructification falls, bushes weaken, berries become small and not sweet. There is so-called degeneration of strawberry. If you have noticed such signs, means it is a high time to update strawberry and the place where it grows.

2. Replace only those bushes which age does not exceed two years. Older Victoria will not make good harvest even if you replace it to the new place. Before change examine bush: it has to be healthy and without damages. It is desirable that the top escapes were strong, and root system developed. Season for change does not matter. Replace in the spring Victoria which you managed to grow up in the winter in pots. And replace in the fall young strawberry which is formed of short moustaches of old plant.

3. Quiet and cloudy day without wind and rain will be suitable for change. Good predecessors of strawberry - bean, cereal and onions cultures. Before change dig over the earth and bring one of the following fertilizers - compost, humus or chicken dung. Norm for one square meter: bucket of any fertilizer. It is possible to add superphosphate and potash fertilizers also. After that well level the soil and remove lumps. A day before landing of strawberry water the earth.

4. Prepare holes at distance of 30-40 cm from each other. Even when plants will expand, they should not interfere with each other. Lowering bush in hole, you watch that the point of growth remained on the surface of the soil. Otherwise the plant can die. Check correctness of deepening so: not strongly pull at escapes if the bush remains in the earth, everything means normally. After change moderately water Victoria. Be not overzealous as from excessive watering the bushes can decay.

5. After a while after change place under each bush of Victoria of a little wood ashes. It will serve as protection against wreckers and diseases. In addition soil can be strewed with sawdust: they will serve as the mulching material. Do not dig out strawberry for change in advance as can expose to the wind roots, then they will just dry up. To keep roots, do not clean from them the earth, and just sprinkle water and place in polyethylene.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team