How to replace wild strawberry "Victoria

How to replace wild strawberry "Victoria

The garden wild strawberry belongs to intensive cultures. Usually good fructification is observed the first three years, then the quantity and quality of berries will decrease, their taste – to worsen, and the number of wreckers and diseases – to increase. It is possible to solve problem, following rules of crop rotation and periodically updating plantation.

1. Victoria is replaced in the spring – prior to blossoming, or in the early fall. If spring landing is planned, the way is paved in the fall. If landing is made in the early fall, the bed is prepared in June.

2. It is the best of all to grow up garden wild strawberry on beds where before onions, carrots, parsley, garden radish, salad, beet, fennel, garlic grew. If to plant wild strawberry after eggplants, potatoes, pepper, cabbage or cucumbers, there is danger of withering and appearance of viral diseases.

3. For landing of wild strawberry choose well lit place. The shadow from trees or buildings is inadmissible. Soil is necessary for Victoria subacidic and loamy. If the space for landing is excessively moistened, it is necessary to make drainage. On silnokisly soils the lime application becomes previously. Under landing the sites protected from wind are chosen, otherwise during the winter period the wild strawberry can freeze.

4. On the dug-up ridge organic fertilizers – about 3-4 buckets of compost or humus on 1 sq.m. are introduced. From mineral fertilizers under landing of wild strawberry potash salt, ammonium nitrate and superphosphate is applied.

5. It is the best of all to replace Victoria in cloudy weather that sun roast has not burned plant. The taken roots young sockets should be dug out of the earth and to cut off lashes on which they grow. The earth from roots should be shaken off and cut off on quarter of length.

6. When landing the roots of wild strawberry dip in the special talker – mix of clay, water and manure. Plants land at distance in 30 cm from each other. Between rows distance of 70 cm. The point of growth of young plant has to be at ground level.

7. After change the wild strawberry is well watered, and soil is mulched. Peat, normal sawdust or the special mulching material will be suitable for mulching. If there is dry weather, Victoria needs to be watered every other day – about 1 liter on bush. From the site weeds are regularly removed and the soil is loosened. For the winter the young bushes should be covered with foliage or straw.

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