How to replace willow

How to replace willow

It is better to replace willow before it reaches age of four years. It becomes in the early spring, not later than April, before blooming of kidneys when the sokodvizheniye in tree has not begun yet.

It is required to you

  • - willow tree for change;
  • - landing hole;
  • - shovel;
  • - burlap;
  • - stakes;
  • - ropes;
  • - humus;
  • - peat;
  • - coarse bank sand or pebble;
  • - water.


1. Well water willow tree which is subject to change and leave at several o'clock that moisture was absorbed to the soil and has impregnated all earth lump with root system. Then sharp shovel dig out rather narrow trench on perimeter of radical lump. Usually its size is equal to krone perimeter.

2. Prepare hole for change of willow in advance. It is desirable that to the soil on the chosen site since fall organic fertilizers have been introduced. If it has not been made, fertilizers can be introduced directly in landing hole, but not fresh manure, but the humus mixed in half with the earth or peat.

3. The hole needs to be dug height and width equal to the size of radical lump (to be guided by the crown size). On bottom of hole fill coarse bank sand or small pebble. Then add the humus mixed with the earth. It is necessary to fill at the bottom hillock that after landing when the earth sinks, roots of willow have not appeared in hole. Well spill the landing hole prepared thus water. If the hillock has settled, it is necessary to pour still lands to the previous level.

4. The willow is dug out together with radical lump. If roots more than a meter long break, they can be chopped off shovel. But it is necessary to try to keep as much as possible root system and all earth on roots. For this purpose roots of the dug-out tree turn in film or burlap and in such look transport to the place of landing.

5. Accurately establish tree in hole on hillock, straighten roots and cover with earth, taken out from hole. It is necessary to fill up in the small portions, all the time condensing soil that in it it was not formed emptiness. It is obligatory for Yves to put as it grew after the relation to parts of the world earlier, for this purpose, before to dig out it, it should be noted orientation on trunk. After the hole is completely dug, it is necessary to make around hole ring of the earth and once again properly to water sapling.

6. If tree very young and trunk thin, props are necessary. Before planting tree in hole, on both parties of hole two wooden stakes long 1.5 meters are driven in. After landing accurately tie tree to stakes. Between ropes or wire and bark of trunk it is necessary to enclose soft fabric.

7. Care for the replaced willow consists in daily watering. When the tree takes root (kidneys will wake up and leaflets will arise), it is possible to make watering every two weeks. For plant it will be useful if in two weeks after sewing to give it fertilizing by liquid complex mineral fertilizers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team