How to reprogram the intercom

How to reprogram the intercom

By the legislation of the Russian Federation any manipulations on reprogramming of the intercom are punished. The service code established by the producer identical to all models. In service of installation of intercoms these codes change when mounting system, according to the instruction. But in our country so often violate the instruction that business began to open door without key for normal.


1. At each model of the intercom the way to the service mode therefore it is better to consider process of reprogramming on specific example, we will take Vizit intercoms. To open door you have to have at yourself key. If your key was lost, then use the standard code, for example, of *#4230 or 67#890, or 12#345. As a rule, it works because settings of the intercom of the master do not change at installation.

2. If you, really, had had need to reprogram the intercom, then you need sn0430ala to be included in the service menu. Gather combination #999. Wait until peeps 2 times. Now gather 12345 and wait until peeps 1 time. If the master you have typed the code (12345) not that, then will hear two-tone signal. Try to gather other of standard master codes: 6767 or 3535, 9999 or 0000, 12345 or 11639. You have entered the service mode. Consistently gather the following combination: 2 - pause - # - pause - the master code. So you establish the code of the apartment: at first 3 - the command to programming of keys for entrance, 4 - erases all keys from memory, * carries out exit from the used mode, # confirms installation. You can independently change the code of the intercom without breaking if you involve the workmate who will undertake to dial number of the necessary apartment on the block. The call will come to the apartment, pick up the phone. Now in five seconds six times press the Open Door button.

3. Every time, pressing the button on the block, you have to see inscription "Enter". After the last time of pressing on tube of the button of opening of the lock, on the block the Dial Number of the Apartment team has to join by default. Wait until the intercom of 1 times squeaks. It is signal to record of the new code of your apartment. Enter the code on the block.

4. On the end of enrollment let your workmate will tell you it then you press the Open Door button. As soon as record of the code takes place, you have to hear sound signal, for confirmation of record of the new individual code of your apartment. Now hang up in the holder. If you need to disconnect the code of the door, then gain four zero, at the same time apartment call, dialing its number on door, will remain.

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