How to restore plate enamel

How to restore plate enamel

The kitchen stove is affected every day by high temperatures, on it hot drops of various products get, and after preparation carefully wash plate various washing chemical and abrasive means. It is no wonder that enamel which has covered kitchen stove often spoils, cracks and chips appear. Looks ugly, and it is a pity to throw out, despite unattractive exterior, the plate well works. The only exit it is necessary to restore plate enamel.

It is required to you

  • - acetone or any other means for degreasing of surface;
  • - heat-resistant enamel;
  • - painting adhesive tape.


1. Carefully clean and degrease acetone, or any other means plate surface with scratch or chip which needs to be restored. Remove residues of fat, salt, oil, rust and other pollution. Before coloring the plate has to be dry, clean and surely cooled down.

2. Paste over scratch with painting adhesive tape so that there was small stock of the intact surface.

3. Apply enamel on surface with thin layer and let's dry. It is good if enamel is on sale in aerosol barrels. It will provide more uniform covering. Before use of such enamel previously stir up barrel to avoid deposit which can be at the bottom. In the absence of those it is possible to use enamel with special brush or the roller. Its advantage is longer storage life, unlike aerosol enamels.

4. Wait until enamel dries and if necessary put repeatedly one more layer. That the reclaimed area of plate was not allocated with noticeable spot, apply enamel with thin layer 2-3 times. Then the restored site will be less noticeable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team