How to restore productivity in badly kept garden

How to restore productivity in badly kept garden

In the orchard which is not receiving the necessary care during the long time, kroner are strongly thickened, it is a lot of drying-out branches, weak gain, fructification only in upper parts of trees. Satellites of abandoned garden - wreckers and diseases. But also such garden is not hopeless.


1. What it is necessary to begin with? It is necessary to put in order krone at first. First of all to remove, cut all dried-out and disturbing branches which do not allow to break through to the sun in krone on"" ring"" in the early spring. If the krone ""has very much grown"", then cut out all ""superfluous"", the dry and perishing, shading and not growing branches not instantly, and gradually, several years. This event for the benefit of tree is held not to weaken it. If there is a lot of branches, having gain only on the tops, then it is necessary to choose two-three trunks, but viable. They should be ""rejuvenated"". The most powerful young growth from cuts can be grown up, and further to form on replacement to old trunks.

2. In root zone there can be a lot of young growth. It it is necessary to cut all sharp tool under ""root"". And further to delete in process of growth.

3. The following step is to clean shtamb from the dried died-off bark. It becomes by means of metal or wood scraper. Such ""waste"" does not leave on the site. They should be collected and burned. To miss the mark Shtamba with lime. Wounds after cutting - the garden thief. If shtamb and boughs of tree are covered with lichens and mosses, then carry out processing of 6% by solution of iron vitriol in the fall. Process trees against wreckers and diseases in the spring, as well as it is necessary in any garden.

4. The most important work in badly kept garden is to improve ""health"" by means of fertilizing. It is necessary to put pristvolny circles in order, to introduce organic and mineral fertilizers. To regularly water garden trees in dry weather.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team