How to restore the old house

How to restore the old house

Many owner-occupied dwellings stand not one decade and are not in the best state. If the house needs major repair, the correct definition of necessary works and ways of their performance will allow to restore the building in short terms, having saved many means and forces.


1. Repair of the old house should be begun with its thorough survey. Pay the main attention to the base, walls and roof. The integrity of the house, its reliability depends on them. The condition of interior finish and plumbing is single question and does not affect directly stability of the building.

2. Examining the house, pay attention to cracks in walls and the base – their availability says that the house sits down or walls so old that begin to fall. Availability of cracks in the base assumes need of its strengthening. In weak point under the base the niche is dug out and filled in with concrete.

3. Sometimes begins to conduct old walls, on them cambers are formed. Most often it happens to the houses built of adobe (in the southern regions of the country of such houses there is a lot of). If on wall there is similar hump, it in this place needs to be sorted and put anew, previously having propped up supporting girders of roof.

4. If house walls in good condition, but have unattractive appearance, they can be "improved" in three main ways. The first the heaviest and the expensive, but yielding best result – the house needs to be imposed with facing brick. The laying is carried out in half-brick, the building takes very beautiful modern view.

5. The second way consists in finishing of walls modern facing materials – for example, plastic. It is the fastest option, but it, whenever possible, it is necessary to avoid. Not to mention that plastic goryuch, the old house trimmed thus all the same looks not in the best way. Finishing by plastic is suitable for the commercial real estate more, than for private households.

6. The third way of finishing of walls is rather traditional and consists in their plaster or drawing decorative layer by splashing. In the latter case it is necessary to add modern dyes to solution that yields very good result.

7. At old houses, wooden elements – floor beams, floors, rafters usually wear out. All decayed parts of design need to be replaced. At repair of roof, old slate should be removed and replaced with modern metal tile. It not only is easier, but also it is much more beautiful. Facing of the old house facing brick and replacement of slate by metal tile will give to the old building the second life.

8. Options of interior finish directly depend on material of walls. If the house adobe, then is best of all to sheathe walls gypsum cardboard. In this case you receive ideally equal walls and will get rid of problems with the small cracks which are quite often arising on walls of adobe houses. Any options of finishing will be suitable for brick walls, here everything depends on your desire and financial opportunities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team