How to restore the well

How to restore the well

The well built in the territory adjacent to country house can become convenient water supply source. But sometimes in functioning of the well there are problems: pressure vanishes, there is silting, dirt and sand appear. In this case it is required to carry out work on restoration of the well.

It is required to you

  • - wooden pole;
  • - shovel;
  • - scoop with the long handle;
  • - chemical reagents;
  • - professional equipment for drilling;
  • - water pump.


1. Define type of problem which belongs to the well. External signs of failure of the system of water supply can be different. It, as a rule, emergence together with water of silt, sand and particles of dirt. The pump can be switched off also prematurely that is connected with pressure loss. Most often such difficulties arise when the well long time is not used, poor soil or foreign objects get to the well. In more exceptional cases land relief motions become the reason of silting.

2. Perform external inspection and diagnostics of condition of the well. In hard cases for this purpose, perhaps, it is required to invite experts. They will be able to explore the well with use of the most modern equipment, will estimate structure of internal cavity and will pick up suitable method of restoration.

3. Choose restoration method, being based on the data of diagnostics. The complex of cleaning works usually includes cleaning of trunk of silt, dirt, rust, salt deposits. In most cases failure of the well is connected with clogging, that is silting of internal porous soil layers. At the same time time is closed in the soil that almost completely excludes emergence in the well of water.

4. Carry out works taking into account the chosen restoration method. In the simplest case you will need to clean mechanically well trunk from foreign objects, to bring to surface of mass of dirt and silt. At more complex problems it is necessary to use special chemical reagents or powerful hydroblow. All works need to be carried out accurately not to allow the collapse of the soil layers adjoining directly the well.

5. Test the cleaned well to make sure of its normal functioning. For this purpose the pump falls to the well and water pumping out is made until it does not become transparent and free from foreign inclusions and visible impurity.

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