How to restore wooden furniture

How to restore wooden furniture

If you have old and lost the original form objects of wooden furniture, do not hurry to throw out them. Chairs, desk and other furniture can rather often be restored the hands, having turned into stylish and modern objects. Certainly, today in the market of services there is set of offers on restoration of furniture, but unless it is possible to refuse to itself pleasure most to give to product new look, being guided by own taste and imagination?

It is required to you

  • - acrylic paints,
  • - varnish,
  • - napkins,
  • - brush,
  • - PVC glue.


1. In the beginning prepare furniture for restoration works. Remove old covering, carefully putty, grind and ground the surface of wood.

2. Use the easiest and classical way assuming use of mordant and varnish at restoration of furniture. Choose the mordant suitable on color that it imitated breed of wood of which your furniture is made. Also you will need special varnish for restoration works. Such varnish will well protect wood, will favourably emphasize its structure and will hide visible defects.

3. If you are fan of ancient furniture, choose the craquelure equipment. It is way of visual sostarivaniye of surface of furniture. For work in this equipment you need special single-component varnish craquelure.

4. For restoration of furniture by means of painting use acrylic paints of different flowers, varnish and cliches. The cliche made by the hands on in advance prepared sketch will allow to use technology of painting of furniture even when you not really well draw. By means of cliche apply the drawing on the prepared site of surface, let's it dry, and then cover with two-three layers of protective varnish. Very successfully painting on furniture in the children's room looks.

5. Try restoration of furniture in technology of decoupage. Decoupage – type of applique with use of multilayered napkins. Get napkins with the drawing which was pleasant to you (it can be done in any shop). Cut the drawing from napkin and paste it on surface of the furniture which is subject to restoration. Use at the same time the glue for PVC which is a little diluted with water. After drying of glue varnish applique (it is desirable on polyurethane basis). Now you can use such furniture as element of refined decor of the apartment.

6. If you want to hide visible defects of furniture, use interline interval, special glue and the hot iron. Apply glue on surface of subject and on interline interval then leave for drying. Then put two adhesive layers, put interline interval on surface of the restored furniture and iron the hot iron, making movements from the middle to edges through the sheet of paper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team