How to return mattress to shop

How to return mattress to shop

Qualitative mattress – large and rather expensive purchase which seldom is spontaneous. The mattress is carefully chosen, measured and tested in shop regarding softness, elasticity and convenience. And it is very offensive when purchase is unsuccessful. In this case it needs to be returned to shop.

It is required to you

  • - sales receipt;
  • - warranty card.


1. The mattress belongs to things which, according to the Consumer Protection Law, are subject to return at appropriate quality. If already at home you have made sure that the bought thing does not approach by the size, color or other qualities, you can return it to shop. Write the application for return in which state the history of purchase, the reason of return and the requirement to exchange purchase for other model. If the mattress necessary to you on sale does not appear, you can demand refund.

2. The statement has to be made in duplicate. You hand the first to the seller or other representative of outlet, on the second the host has to append the signature and return paper to you. Attach the sales receipt to the document. However its absence cannot be considered as good reason for refusal in reception of goods. Return of goods of appropriate quality has to be carried out within 14 days after the purchase moment.

3. If the seller or the director of shop refuse to adopt the statement, motivating it with internal rules of outlet, send papers the registered mail with the assurance of receipt. Enclose to the inventory of investment letter. Having received the notice, go to shop and continue dialogue with the management.

4. In this way it is worth arriving also in case of defects detection. It can be revealed at any moment of warranty period. To return the rejected mattress, make the statement for return in which in detail describe all revealed defects. The shop can organize examination for defects confirmation. In this case do not forget to demand the receipt that the goods bought you are transferred for examination.

5. The seller can refuse to return money, motivating it with complexity of communication with the supplier and to suggest you to write the claim addressed to the producer. Do not agree – obligations for sale of quality goods lie on shop and settling of the relations with suppliers and producers – direct duty of his employees.

6. Refuse to return you money, inventing all new pretexts? Write the complaint to Rospotrebnadzor in which state the history of purchase and cause of failure in your legal requirements. The rights we can assert also in court. Make the statement of claim to which attach copies of all papers made on this matter. If the court confirms your correctness, bailiffs will be engaged in refund.

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