How to revet the house with siding

How to revet the house with siding

Protection of facades of buildings against atmospheric action – problem from discharge eternal. Water, wind and ultra-violet radiation constantly work on destruction of our dwellings and often succeed in it. Facing of the house vinyl siding is capable to protect its walls from this destructive influence reliably.

It is required to you

  • – vinyl siding;
  • – wooden rail of 50х50 mm;
  • – fixture with anticorrosion coating (screws, nails);
  • – construction tool (saw, axe, hammer and so forth);
  • – electric drill;
  • – tape measure;
  • – plumb;
  • – level.


1. Vinyl siding it is possible to sheathe also stone houses – in that case, for example, if their external warming is carried out. However most often revet with it nevertheless wooden houses. Remove from house walls all superfluous – old facing, window and door platbands, etc. Check quality of consolidation in joints between logs or bars. If necessary to prokonopatta the house (lnovatiny, jute, tow) or fill slots with polyurethane foam.

2. Beat on walls as the obreshet wooden rails of 50х50 mm, having arranged them vertically at distance from each other 30-40 cm of Reiki have to be beaten also on external and internal corners and around door and window openings with small derogation from boxes. By means of plumb achieve that the outer surface of the obreshet was in one vertical plane. If necessary to podtesyvayta in the right places of log or bar or stack wooden linings under rails.

3. Fix on lattice standard levels of siding – initial, angular (for external and internal corner), connecting, window and door profiles. The initial level is established on level at the very bottom of wall. Connecting vertical levels are established so that distances between them (if them a little on wall) were identical. If she one, then has to settle down on the center of wall.

4. Begin fastening of horizontal panels from below from initial level. Hook the lower edge of the panel for edge of initial level and pull it up to snapping of the lock then attach the top edge of the panel to obreshet. The second and the subsequent panels cling to the upper assembly edge of underlying level. Do not pull siding with effort.

5. Install fasteners (nails or screws) in the middle of fixing groove and do not tighten (do not hammer) them against the stop. Between hat and edge of the panel there has to be gap of 0.5-1 mm – for compensation of temperature deformations. Between faces of panels and internal surfaces of standard levels (angular, connecting, window) leave gap 5-6 mm (summer) or 8-10 (winter). Correctly fixed panel has to have opportunity to be displaced on small distance in the horizontal direction.

6. Carry out cutting of siding construction knife, the Bulgarian, file or scissors on metal. The most top panels on walls you fix by means of finishing level, if necessary carrying out their undercutting. For facing of pediment fix on joints between horizontal and vertical surfaces J-profile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team