How to revive the site which has grown with weeds

How to revive the site which has grown with weeds

Experienced gardeners have thought up many ways of restoration of the site which has grown with weeds. Of course, it is necessary to spend many forces and time, but the earth which has had a rest several years is rich with nutritious elements and will yield good harvest.

Before starting works, it is necessary to make the action plan and to decide what will grow on the site. It is possible to use the radical methods allowing to seed and reap already in the first season crop. Other option is to cultivate the land and to fight against weeds several years.

Order of cleaning of the site of weeds

Development of the overgrown territory begins with removal of trees and bushes. Them it is necessary to cut down and burn, get rid of roots. Not to remove ashes, and to scatter on the site. To mow high grass, and the earth to dig over or plow up, remove big roots of weeds. During the summer once again to dig over the site and from above to spread out mowed grass. To stop growth of weeds, stack cardboard, hay, newspapers, straw, sawdust, peat and roofing material on the earth. It must be done, to limit access of light to weeds.

Radical measures for restoration of the overgrown site

The most popular way of fight against weeds is to dig over the earth manually or by means of the equipment. But it is suitable only for landing of potatoes and cabbage. By means of these cultures it is possible to restore the site completely over time.

It is possible to get rid of weeds for one season by other method. For this purpose in the beginning remove the top layers of the earth where there are all roots of weeds. They are overturned, and from above covered with material which does not pass sunlight. Then bring new soil and display it over roots. The most important is to make sure that this earth qualitative, in it is not present roots of weeds, wreckers and dangerous microbes.

Gardeners for restoration of the site use siderata: mustard, rye and Vika. Them sow the overgrown site and several times during season all mow, and by fall cover the territory with black film. Stalks and roots perepret, having freed the site and having enriched it with useful microelements.

It is possible to develop the territory and by means of sectional haricot and sunflower. Their seeds put at distance no more than 5 cm, between beds — 15 cm. At sunflower and haricot powerful root system therefore with growth they will select useful substances and moisture at weeds.

What herbicides help with fight against weeds?

Fields and abandoned sites can be okulturivat by means of herbicides. It is fast and effective way to get rid of weeds, but the first harvest will manage to be received only the next year. "Hurricane", "Tornado", Raundap belongs to popular chemical means. Them process grass before blossoming, and in 2 weeks the weeds dry up together with root system. After that they need to be collected and burned, and to throw out ashes. On the site after such processing it is possible to put siderata that they have enriched the soil with useful microelements.

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