How to revive the started seasonal dacha

How to revive the started seasonal dacha

There is a wish that at the dacha it was beautiful, cozy. But what to do if the started site has got? It is necessary to work, having gradually turned it into heavenly spot and having equipped everything to the taste and desire.

Not always the acquired seasonal dacha is the embodiment of dream of its new owner. If the territory in fine state, then costs the fazenda suitably. On the started site it is necessary to work. If to show diligence, then over time it will turn into heavenly spot.

We create garden of the dream

Before works it is better to develop the action plan. It can be oral, but it is better to trace it on paper, having drawn what you wish to see the country ancestral lands. It is necessary to make the list of works which are coming and to count the forthcoming financial expenses.

Everything arranges? Then it is time to pass from the theory to practice. If on the started site there are already long-term landings, then it is necessary to look in what they state. In the presence of fruit-trees which several years were not processed it is necessary to make the rejuvenating cutting. Perform these works since the beginning of March prior to the beginning of April, the sokodvizheniye has not begun yet. It is necessary to cut the damaged branches, old and those which grow incorrectly or strongly shade the others. Bushes (currant, gooseberry) can give the second youth too. They are cut off in the spring (in March and prior to the beginning of April) or in the fall (the second half of September – the end of October). It is necessary to remove all branches of the lower tier. Here with what it is necessary to begin processing of fruit crops. After bushes, trees are thinned out and can breathe deeply, they should give power supply. At first it is necessary to dig over pristvolny circle of these large plants, to choose roots of weeds. Then, according to the instruction, part nitrophoska and water them.

Autumn fertilizing should not contain nitrogen, and it is possible to use nitrogen-containing fertilizers in the spring.

If it is the new site, then bushes and trees buy in the market, in shop and put on it.

In the country territory, not only fruit, but also decorative trees, bushes perfectly look. Paths, the bridge, pond, figures of animals, flowerpots are fine elements of landscaping.

Let the strawberry and strawberry aroma soar, and flowers please looks

If the seasonal dacha is started so that on it from vegetation there are only high grass and thistle, then you should not despair. For the aid to the summer resident – the mower. In case on the site electrical equipment is not installed yet, will help out its petrol option. Electric will help where there is electricity. Put grass without seeds in compost, burn the blossoming copies, and use ashes in the form of fertilizer. The site has changed. Exactly cut grass stretches green carpet, bushes and trees act as vertical element of country decor. It was necessary to add several bright spots. The columbarium will help with it. Shovel dig up round allotment with a diameter of 1-1.5 meters. All roots need to be chosen thoroughly, and – in addition to podrykhlit the soil by means of rake. It was necessary to plant flowers and to admire the well-groomed site. On the second same bed or bed put strawberry mustache, wild strawberry seedling in the fall. Then it is possible to reap the first crop in the spring. Gradually other sites also are won from grass. They are dug up, plant spices, vegetables.

In the first year on the started site it is better to plant potatoes, then on the second – there will be much less weeds and it is possible to give this space for other vegetables, flowers and berries.

One corner of giving is done by the vacation spot. There put chairs, table, sun bed, the pool, swing. Now it is possible to enjoy good country rest and to admire fruits of the work!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team