How to save from cockroaches

How to save from cockroaches

For certain each person at least once in life faced such problem as cockroaches, especially she is familiar to the people living in communal flats and hostels. Agree, it is quite unpleasant to adjoin to these insects and to watch how they run on table and products in search of food. As to save the housing from cockroaches once and for all, without having done harm to the health?

It is required to you

  • - egg yolk,
  • - boric acid,
  • - lodges,
  • - traps,
  • - pieces of chalk,
  • - gels,
  • - aerosols.


1. Before starting removal of cockroaches, it is necessary to carry out clear-out in the house. For this purpose wash all cabinets and furniture cleaning agents, carefully wipe them. Densely pack ware and products into packages, wipe dry sink. Close up all available slots in floor and windows, air vents. The garbage can always has to be clean, do not save in it garbage, then will not attract cockroaches. Do not forget also about washing of ware.

2. Now it is possible to start fight against unpleasant neighbors. Normal boric acid is considered one of the most effective enemies of cockroaches. Its action is that the cockroaches who have eaten bait begin to suffer severe itch, extending it to the fellows. After that the cockroach, perhaps, will also survive, but he will have no desire to return to the place of receiving poison, and he will try to leave as it is possible further. Take 100 g of boric acid and strew with it all habitats of cockroaches: floor, sinks, plinth, walls and all approaches to water. This means is absolutely safe for the person and animals.

3. Dissolve in addition boric acid with boiled egg yolk, 50 grams of acid on one yolk. Carefully mix and you stick together small balls, dry within hour and decompose on all apartment. Choose those places where cockroaches live most often. The egg smell will not allow them to feel smell of boric acid, and even the weak touch by mustache to ball will provide poisoning.

4. Besides there are various pieces of chalk, aerosols, traps and gels. These means need to use in places of the greatest congestion of cockroaches, generally it is kitchen. Follow according to the instruction.

5. If you have no forces, time and desire to struggle with these insects, then it is possible to use services of the special organizations which will provide you full elimination of cockroaches. However insects can appear again, later half a year, in this case you should not forget that you have annual guarantee therefore it is worth addressing to the organization for extermination of insects again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team