How to save fur from smell

How to save fur from smell

Fur products are favourite winter clothes of Russians. Fur coats, caps, vests from fur are beautiful and natural. In them it is warm and cozy. Care for fur things is rather simple. They need to be aired in the summer, to store on shoulders separately from other clothes in the winter, and at pollution - to clean in dry-cleaner.

It is required to you

  • - potato starch;
  • - coffee;
  • - package;
  • - soap solution or vinegar;
  • - fur care products.


1. It is not recommended to wash fur things. The inner side of fur spoils, shrinks, becomes brittle and fragile. Sometimes fur products exude peculiar smell. It is possible to fight against it in several ways. The easiest and ancient way – vymorazhivaniye. Take out fur thing in frost on loggia for several days (2-3 days). Then bring in the room and dry far from heating appliances. If there is no loggia, pack fur into plastic bag and put in the freezer.

2. Use potato starch. Fill up fur of fur coat or cap with starch, then stir up and remove it. The smell has to disappear.

3. One more way to get rid of smell – coffee. Put fur thing in dense plastic bag with fastener. There put the container with fresh ground coffee. Clasp package. In 12 hours undo and mix coffee. It should be done for 5-6 days. Do not forget every time to close package densely. In the end take out fur from package and properly air. After this procedure the fur thing will gain resistant aroma of coffee.

4. To get rid of unpleasant smell, process lining of fur product brush with soap solution or vinegar. Also slightly process fur from above. Dry.

5. Today in shops special fur care products including sprays from unpleasant smell – the refreshing sprays for clothes are on sale. Spray funds for fur, then carefully dry clothes.

6. Some fans of fur clothes use animals shampoos and gels for elimination of unpleasant smell. However it is necessary to wash fur things carefully. It is possible to wet and soap only fur, trying not to concern its basis. Then fur is dried up and smoothed. And still the best way to save fur from smell will be campaign in good dry-cleaner. Also will not smell, and the thing will remain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team