How to save furniture from fading in the solar apartment

How to save furniture from fading in the solar apartment

The solar apartment looks, undoubtedly, very festively and friendly, it is pleasant to live in it. But textile elements – furniture, curtains, curtains, cloths – very quickly fade under the influence of bright beams of ultraviolet. It is possible to protect furniture from fading in several ways.

It is required to you

  • - covers on furniture;
  • - protective film on windows;
  • - curtains or blinds.


1. Place furniture so that on it direct sunshine did not get. If every day on the same part of sofa or table light gets – it will inevitably fade, that is will become lighter. And can lose coloring both upholstery, and wooden elements.

2. Be especially careful with the varnished and leather furniture. On skin or lacquered surface under the influence of sunshine there can be cracks and spots. Besides, such furniture it is necessary to have at least, in meter from any sources of heat (radiators, fireplace, heating pipes, the conditioner, etc.).

3. Can lead cigarette smoke to fading of furniture and change of color of upholstery therefore try not to smoke indoors. Besides, couples of some products when cooking also affect safety of upholstery.

4. If it is not possible to avoid hit of sunshine on furniture, from time to time move and rearrange it. In that case fading will evenly happen and is not noticeable for people around.

5. In the solar apartment surely hang up dense curtains or blinds. If there is no house in the afternoon of anybody, before leaving for work close windows, leaving no chance for sunshine. It is possible to go in more cardinal way: to establish new windows with protection against ultraviolet or to paste protective film on glasses. At the same time outside of window can look mirror or normal, in the apartment there can be effect of blackout or not – everything depends on your desire.

6. For expensive, valuable, period furniture sew or order covers, on table lay cloth. Stylish covers on the sofas, chairs and chairs sewed in one gamma with other textiles will decorate the room and will reliably protect furniture from the sun. Besides, it is easy to erase or replace them in case of need.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team