How to save on accounts for electricity

How to save on accounts for electricity

The washing machine, the multicooker, the food processor, the microwave oven - all this significantly facilitates life and housekeeping, but at the same time increases accounts for the electric power. And, if to refuse the washing machine, the electromeat grinder and the microwave in principle is impossible, then observing some recommendations it is possible to reduce the account for electricity practically by quarter.

How to save the electric power?

You should not forget to turn off the light though the bulb and takes very little, but in their chandelier it is normal 3-4, at continuous burning they will reel up very decently. If there are desire and small material support, then it is possible to install motion sensors, then the light will be turned on at occurrence indoors and to be switched off at absence;

- in bedrooms and halls it is necessary to establish local lighting is various lamps, floor lamps, sconce and so on. For reading the newspaper or work in front of the computer quite enough local source it is also not necessary to turn on top light;

- purity is not only guarantee of health, it also guarantee of economy on accounts for electricity. It would seem improbable, but dirty windows and dusty plafonds reduce room illumination approximately on third;

- choosing new wall-paper for the room, you should not forget that light wall coverings reflect about 80% of luminous flux, and dark - slightly more than 10;

- glow lamps can be replaced with energy saving or light-emitting diode, only, buying them, it is necessary to remember safety and to choose bulbs only of the checked producers;

- leaving the house or I go to bed, it is necessary to switch-off all unnecessary electric devices, to pull out charging devices from sockets;

- if function of self-defrosting is not provided in the fridge, then it is regularly necessary to defreeze it to reduce energy consumption;

- using the electric kettle, it is necessary to pour so much water how many it will be required on one tea drinking;

- choosing new electric devices, it is necessary to give preference energy saving, usually they are marked by Latin letters A and B;

- modern electric devices, for example, cooking induction panels, heat only ware bottom, not expenses the electric power simply;

- to keep heat in the house, some use heaters, in this case it will be useful to know that infrared heaters are more economic electric approximately for 50%;

- warming up water in the water heater, it is possible to reduce a little temperature, boiled water is not always required, if desired it is possible to replace the electrowater heater with flowing, then the electric power will not be spent for constant maintenance of heat;

- boilers are and there is one of types of the water heater, its capacity varies from 50 to 130 l, its heating to certain temperature, it is necessary to pull out from network. There will be enough warmed-up water for standard domestic needs. It is also necessary to switch-off the boiler before leaving for work and for the night, of course, if a lot of hot water is not required in the morning. By the way, averages energy consumption of one boiler - about 4 kWh.

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