How to save raspberry brake from drought

How to save raspberry brake from drought

Russians have already begun to get used to the various climatic cataclysms continually falling upon the country. In summer months many regions of Russia suffer from heat, stem of thermometer quite often passes for 40 wasps. Especially sensitively raspberry reacts to it, at high temperature and lack of moisture its leaves begin to be displaced that speaks about need of acceptance of urgent measures for rescue of raspberry brake. Do not hope that raspberry itself will cope with heat, you risk to lose not only harvest, but also bushes.

Popular belief that the best protection against drought is watering. In many respects it indeed, however it is necessary not only to saturate the earth with moisture, but also to preserve the water which has already got to soil. For this purpose it is necessary as often as possible, at least once in several days, to loosen the earth around raspberry bushes. Loosening destroys cracks in the earth that interferes with intensive evaporation of water. Not accidentally loosening is called "dry watering". In strong heat the watering should be alternated to loosening, otherwise very most part of the water which has got to the soil just will evaporate and will not reach raspberry roots.

Raspberry bushes in hot weather need to provide not only sufficient, but also correct watering. If you water raspberry brake in the morning, pour water under roots of plants, without allowing its hit on leaves. Water droplets in this case turn into the small lenses focusing sunlight and leaving burns on leaves. It is possible to water from above only in the evening when the sun falls for the horizon. But it is the best of all to carry out watering under roots, from above bushes of raspberry can only be sprinkled to clean from dust. Never water raspberry in the afternoon, during heat. In hot days it is the most correct to carry out two waterings: in the morning, under roots of plants, and in the evening. It is the best of all to be engaged in scarification in the afternoon. You watch condition of raspberry brake on its leaves – if they have begun to be twisted, then it is adverse symptom, to plant too hot and there is not enough moisture.

The third important factor of protection of raspberry against drought is timely thinning of bushes, cleaning of raspberry brake of weeds and dead wood. Having beforehand cut old branches, you will give the chance to grow to young people who will bring you the greatest harvest of raspberry. On them, but not on old branches, plant will use moisture available to it. Thinning improves air circulation that promotes successful opposition of raspberry to drought.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team