How to save room rose

How to save room rose

Room rose - beautiful, but at the same time quite whimsical dekorativnotsvetushchy plant. It demands trembling leaving, is exposed to various diseases and attacks of wreckers.

It is required to you

  • spray,
  • fundazol,
  • fungicide,


1. Room roses prefer the southern and southeast windows, the nutritious soil and fresh air, regular fertilizing (once a week) during blossoming and the active growth, transfer in more spacious pot as required, sprayings. Exclude having watered with cold water, traumatizing roots at change, warm wintering. You watch the general condition of plant, in time delete faded flowers and leaves.

2. The most widespread disease of room roses - mealy dew. If you see what on leaves, and can be even on stalk and buds of plant there was raid, then your rose has ached. Remove the struck parts of plant, spray its fundazoly. To avoid recurrence, you watch amount of the introduced fertilizer and air the room.

3. If leaves of rose began to become covered by brown spots, remove the struck escapes, process plant fundazoly or any cupriferous medicines. Stop sprayings and reduce watering as this disease is caused by the increased humidity. The illness has the fungal or bacterial nature, but on exterior to distinguish what you deal with, difficult.

4. Rust is shown in emergence on top side of leaves of rose krapin from red till dark-brown color, and further on their place reddish spots appear. Remove the struck leaves as soon as possible. After all procedures you contain plant in the aired room, reduce spraying and watering, you watch ambient air temperature.

5. In the spring the plant louse is especially dangerous to room rose. The plant struck with plant louse becomes covered with sticky substance, leaves and lobes of roses begin to be twisted and deformed. Process plant soap solution 2-3 times within week, and at severe infection - akteliky.

6. If on leaves of rose there were white dots expanding in spots, and on the plant the spider line is noticeable - it is web tick. You will hardly see insect - it very small and quickly moves. Wash plant from web, increase humidity indoors, increase the number of sprayings.

7. If the top side of leaves of room rose became grayish, even with silvery raid, inspect reverse side of leaves: most likely you will find such wrecker as thrips. Spray plant, it is desirable with application of insecticides and repeatedly.

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