How to save space in the small bathroom

How to save space in the small bathroom

Often happens so that it is necessary to save literally each millimeter of free space in the house. Especially it concerns such rooms as kitchen or the bathroom. In the bathroom quite often there is not enough place not only for bathtub, standard by the size, but also with other necessary devices there are difficulties too. In such situation it is necessary to recommend application of a little extraordinary approach to business.

Design ideas often turn into true problem. To turn all rushes of imagination into reality, the room has to be adequately spacious. But sometimes fairly and the directly return. The original ideas concerning design of the bathroom can do good. For absolutely tiny bathrooms it is possible to advise to establish, so-called, European wet bathtub. Such name completely justifies itself. After acceptance of the European bathtub everything in the bathroom will be wet. For houses in Europe it is considered norm. There apartments can be on the area twice or three times less, than our usual ""low-families"". And quite often the watering can for shower in the bathroom is fixed almost over toilet bowl. 

For drain the opening on the center of the bathroom is taken away. Thanks to such decision it turns out to save space significantly. If entirely you cannot prefer the open bathroom for yourself, then buy quite dense curtain for shower. For very small bathroom the wall hung W.C. pan will become optimal solution. Its sizes it is much less, than at standard options. Wall fastenings allow to record toilet bowl almost closely to wall. Besides what is important, with wall hung W.C. pan the maintenance of purity in the bathroom will not be for you problem.

Compact shower instead of lying bathtub will help to solve problem of economy of the free area too. Today shower cabins are issued various, including, and absolutely tiny sizes. Instead of full-fledged shower cabin it is possible to install also the simple pallet framed with the glass sliding screen. Such decision will be fine alternative to bathtub.

For the small bathroom it is recommended to select extremely narrow sink and flat mirror. Cabinet first-aid kit in the conditions of the constrained space not the best decision. And here the simple mirror with the lower shelf will just be the rational idea. So you not only release several precious centimeters, but also with selection of sink will be more free in respect of the choice. By the way, the roundish sink instead of rectangular will look much more favourably in the small bathroom. And it is better to choose sink model without pedestal. The sinks which are fixed directly to wall have the most compact sizes. Such sink will harmoniously fit even into the most modest space on the area. Various additions in the form of lockers, pedestals and curbstones will only create feeling of obvious narrowness.

The mixer installed from sink face will assist in business of economy of useful area too. Most often the mixer is installed at wall. If it appears on one of sink sides, then the model of sink can be chosen absolutely narrow. 

She will cope with the main function ""perfectly well"" too. But at the same time already too limited space will not be blocked in vain up. Of course, even in very small bathroom not to do without shelves. But in the conditions of narrowness for shelves it is possible to find also unusual places. For example, under regiments you can take away part of wall. Any secluded corner will be suitable for creation of the shelf suitable for storage of bathing accessories, towels or laundry detergent. Numerous hooks and hangers can serve as addition to regiments. If there is not enough place at all, it is possible to install not pallet, but removable barrel for shower. Many people for the present resort to such option not really. But when there is no exit why and not to try. Such element is very favourably beaten today by designers. Therefore do not consider something shameful to wash for yourself in flank. You independently build for yourself the wonderful washing place if you take old wine cask and apply to its registration slightly of inspiration and imagination.

The space, small in respect of the area, will not be reason for chagrin if you apply the so-called distracting maneuver. For this purpose use set of bright and original parts at registration of the bathroom. So, for sink it is possible to choose non-standard saturated shade. Or you can choose mirror in form reminding, say, window in the submarine. Using creative approach for registration of the tiny bathroom, you will surely achieve solution, optimal for yourself and with comfort will carry out all washing and other procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team