How to save the decaying onions harvest

How to save the decaying onions harvest

Onions — culture for domestic summer residents almost obligatory. All gardeners grow up it on the sites literally. To receive big harvest of onions, often it is necessary to spend many efforts. Also happens very offensively in case the grown-up heads suddenly begin to start to rot. Answers to question of why onions decay, exists a little.


1. To define the rotting reason, at first attentively examine bulbs. If on them, in addition, there is black "dust", so responsible for problem is the root tick. Availability of the dampened scales and the softened sites demonstrates defeat of heads stem nematode. If in neck on head grayish spots are noticeable, so the reason of rotting consists in infection with fungal disease.

2. If onions have begun to decay for the reasons described above, it is impossible to make any more practically anything. Part of harvest in this case can be saved only careful sorting and freezing still of the intact heads on the balcony. To avoid emergence of such problem as rotting of onions because of infection, pay more attention to prevention at cultivation of this plant. Cultivate onions first of all with exact observance of crop rotation.

3. To learn why onions decay, check as far as conditions of its storage correspond to put. Often this vegetable begins to rot only because it is kept in the warm. Air temperature in that room where "braids" with onions hang, has to be equal-1 - +1 °C. It is also possible to store heads at t about +18 °C or is slightly higher. The necessary percent of humidity suitable for onions, according to experts, is about 75%. If this indicator is lower, heads can dry. However in case onions have already begun to decay, move it in drier room, of course, cost.

4. Onions at storage decay sometimes and because near it the big mass of other vegetables and root crops lie. Remove onions far away from them. In addition, carefully sort heads on grades. Clean slightly begun to rot bulbs from peel and put in some aired container separately. Eat these onions and also that grade which lies worse than others as soon as possible.

5. Thus, various infection and the wrong storage conditions are basic reasons of the fact that onions decay. "How to keep it longer?", - the answer to this question can consist including in use of oven. Sometimes it happens so that rotting process suddenly considerably accelerates. In this case, not to lose all harvest, clean the remained heads, cut and dry up in oven at temperature of 70 °C. Such dried onion very long is stored, and vitamins B it there is just huge number.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team