How to save the perishing cactus

How to save the perishing cactus

Cacti in spite of the fact that they are considered as rather unpretentious plants, require the correct care too. As a rule, they quite often are subject to different diseases because of adverse conditions or damages which are put to them by insects wreckers. If not to provide to cactus comfortable conditions of growth, then it can suffer very strongly, or even to die.

1. If you have noticed that the cactus begins to spoil and vanish, then try to examine attentively it from all directions. If you find out that the plant was chosen by wreckers, then you need to apply the appropriate chemical means quickly. The picked-up chemical has to be qualitative and extend the action not only to harmful insects, but also to their laid eggs and larvae. If insects have not left at once, perhaps, they developed immunity to effect of chemical therefore means against wreckers need to be changed systematically.

2. Kaktusny decay is one of the most most often met plant diseases. First of all, decay begins to strike root system, and then can already strike cactus completely. If, you have noticed that only some roots have suffered from decay, then it is necessary to remove sick sites and to replace plant to the new soil, previously having powdered roots with coal powder. Also it is necessary to add coarse sand to the soil and not to water cactus within 3-4 weeks. If decay has struck all root system, plant you will not save any more. The only exit in this situation - to cut off the top at cactus and to impart it to other healthy plant.

3. If the cactus begins to turn yellow, most likely, it lacks nutrients. To prevent yellowing of plant, it is necessary to introduce systematically to the soil mineral fertilizers. The instruction about use of such fertilizers can be found on their packing.

4. If the stalk of plant has got reddish shade then the cause is, most likely, alkali surplus in the soil. It can happen if to water cactus with hard water. It is possible to help favourite plant, having replaced it in pot with new soil. To prevent repeated zashchelachivaniye of the soil, water the prickly favourite with the settled and purified water.

5. Try to provide to cactus comfortable conditions. Protect plants from drafts and direct sunshine, systematically examine cactus regarding availability of insects wreckers, and your favourite will please you long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team