How to saw table-top

How to saw table-top

If you want to cut washing or plate in table surface, then you should saw table-top. It is better to entrust work with thick table-tops to professionals. However it is possible to cope with simpler options most.


1. Right at the beginning, before sawing table-top, mark the place to which you want to establish washing or plate. For this purpose make template of washing or plate to make cut most exactly.

2. If you work as the fret saw with files of the return sharpening or the hand saw, then cut, surely having table-top front surface upward, that is thus as it also will be established. Small chips in this case will appear from below. If the table-top is covered with plastic, then this option will be ideal.

3. If you work with tsirkulyarka, then use serrate disk, at the same time try to press tree to guide strictly.

4. If you need to make curves, then take the fret saw and cut on template which you have cut in advance. Depending on material of table-top you can change files, putting for the direct machine cut, for figured, or for clean. For natural wood use more serrate file on MDF and plywood, and on straight lines use the fret saw pendulum.

5. If you have cut circle in table-top, and it has turned out not absolutely equal, then round problem places or abrasive paper on piece of shank of shovel, or the tape grinder intended for convex roundings.

6. Upon termination of cutting out walk on cut edge edging milling cutter with cone-shaped nozzle.

7. In order that moisture could not get into the formed openings, before mounting carefully process cuts sealant.

8. Paste trimming film the iron, previously having warmed up table-top the thermohair dryer. Follow at the same time safety instructions, do not heat tree too strongly, otherwise it can smoke.

9. Stick small roughnesses on edge of the cut opening with trimming film, in the same way warming up it the hair dryer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team