How to seat yucca

How to seat yucca

The yucca has wood trunk on which sockets with long sharp leaves periodically grow. Young plants are annually replaced in pot of bigger capacity. At plants is more senior remove top soil and put fresh (normally in the spring).


1. Regular fertilizing accelerates growth of yucca. At the correct leaving the affiliated socket of yucca blossoms on the third - the fourth year. After blossoming the socket gradually leaves leaves, and then vanishes at all, but instead of it 5 - 10 new sockets appear. They can be formed along with usykhaniye of the main socket or a little later. The young growth should be seated, but not at once. Sockets have to grow up and get stronger on maternal roots. It is possible to leave them to winter.

2. It is hard to seat young sockets, rigid roots of maternal bush strongly expand in breadth and deep into. The affiliated socket should be dug out and separated accurately with part of maternal root. Cuts should be dried or processed ashes. After yucca it is possible to put. Happens that the socket has no roots yet or they are quite weak. It is worth powdering the place of backs with special flower stimulator, to put shoot and for several days to cover it with plastic bottle with the cut-off bottom.

3. If the plant became already absolutely old, it can be divided into stem shanks and to seat them. The yucca should be got from pot, to put horizontally and to saw on pieces 10-15 cm long. Cuts of pieces should be processed growth factor of roots, and then to thrust shanks in mix of peat and sand, to cover with polyethylene and to remove in the darkened place. It is regularly necessary to moisten soil and to maintain temperature of 24-27 degrees. In month the pieces of old yucca will take roots, they can be seated on pots.

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