How to secure the apartment against flooding

How to secure the apartment against flooding

Among all insured events the flooding of housing steadily takes the first place. According to the statistics each apartment is flooded by every three years. If you value the tranquility, wish to keep repair and to avoid contingencies, it is necessary to secure the house against flooding.

It is required to you

  • - insurance;
  • - Neptune or GIDROLOCK system;
  • - stretch ceiling with waterproofing;
  • - "Glims Vodostop".


1. If you are regularly flooded by neighbors from above, then before beginning to do major repair, the apartment it is necessary to insure. By all means report about your decision to the people living over you. Call the approximate sum which they should pay in case of flooding of your apartment, you can even exaggerate it a little. The increased vigilance of neighbors will help to protect your apartment from flooding.

2. The stretch ceiling with waterproofing will become quite good option. The similar ceiling will take away from you a little place, however in case of flooding will save your apartment, having held moisture. After the leakage is eliminated, you will need only to drain water, having made small opening in tile and having substituted under it capacity. However such ceiling will not save you from large-scale flood as it has the ultimate strengths.

3. There are special systems (for example, "Neptune", GIDROLOCK) which block water in case of flooding. In the apartment, sensors in the most probable places of congestion of moisture are installed (on half of the bathroom, in kitchen). At water ingress on the sensor the signal goes on the main block of system, and water is blocked by means of electromagnetic valves. If you are afraid to flood the lower apartments, install system to yourself if regularly flood you – to neighbors from above.

4. If you do major repair, miss the mark walls, ceiling, floor and also all joints with means of "Glims Vodostop". It is construction material of waterproofing character. If you were flooded not strongly, "Glims Vodostop" will save your apartment from moisture hit.

5. Unfortunately, any way does not give absolute protection against flooding. If you have begun to think of it at stage of acquisition of housing, give preference to the top floors and owner-occupied dwellings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team