How to seed carrots

How to seed carrots

To seed carrots so that in the fall to enjoy harvest, business not simple and demanding skill and knowledge of certain rules. At many gardeners the shoots of carrots are too rare or non-uniform. One of below the listed ways will help to avoid it.


1. Mix carrots before crops seeds with dry sand in the ratio 1:3. at the same time you have to be sure of quality of seeds, of their high viability. Sow with the received dry mix bed.

2. It is possible to use also liquid crops. For this purpose weld paste in the ratio 1 liter of water on the 2nd tablespoons of starch, cool to room temperature and pour carrots seeds into paste. Carefully mix that seeds were evenly distributed in the mass of paste. You hold such paste with seeds not longer than four hours. Sow seeds in paste by means of teapot or package of opening.

3. Heat treatment of seeds before crops is considered effective. lower seeds in gauze for 20 min. in the hot water heated to 50-52ºС. Then cool seeds cold water and dry to flowability. Such way allows to struggle effectively with internal infection, but monitor observance of exact water temperature.

4. At crops observe measure in frequency. As the viability at carrots is considered low, you should not put too seldom. However, if you to poseyata seeds too often, at further thinning become bare roots of the next plants which you want to leave in bed. Usually at ordinary crops through 20 cm spend for 1 sq.m 0.8 — 1 g of seeds.

5. Sow carrots to the middle of June, but try to make it as soon as possible as shoots appear very slowly. After crops it is recommended to condense bed with board. When sprouts reach 5-6 cm, shoots it is necessary to thin out and weed weeds.

6. Sow carrots ranks. For this purpose take stake or stick and carry out furrows across bed at distance about 15 - 20 cm from each other. Depth of furrow has to be small, about one and a half centimeters. Yet the earth in furrows has not dried up, at once sow carrots.

7. Best of all carrots on warm easy friable soils with high content of humus grow. Therefore the rich harvest of root crops of carrots can be received only on well processed, easy loamy, sandy or peaty soils with subacidic and neutral reaction, in solar places of kitchen garden.

8. Do not plant carrots to the earth where before the celery and parsnip grew. It is good if earlier tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, onions, garlic grew in this earth.

9. On one bed with carrots plant onions or garlic, they frighten off carrot fly who can significantly spoil your harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team