How to sell boards

How to sell boards

Quite often after construction or repair there is excess sawn timber. It is possible to sell it if to conduct advertizing campaign in mass media. Boards are always demanded in the construction market, especially if they have already dried out and are ready to direct use.


1. If you had excess boards, and you are going them to sell, place advertisement in mass media. Address to office of local television, pay for advertisement which will sound on all local and regional TV channels.

2. Specify in the announcement what sawn timber you sell. If it tes, write its length, width, thickness of what breed of tree it is made, dry or damp, cut or not how many cubic meters you are ready to sell and at what price for one cubic meter. Give the same information if you sell executioner's block. Surely specify your phone number and time in which it is possible to address according to the announcement.

3. Except television your announcement has to be in all regional printing editions. Practically in each region there are special issues of newspapers like "Kupi-Proday", "From hand to hand", etc. where announcements of individuals of purchase and sale of any goods are placed. Those who build and repair quite often advertize in purchase of dry sawn timber, study announcements and if you have found suitable, call the specified phone number.

4. Handwrite several announcements of sale of boards or on the printer. Stick them on all billboards of your city or settlement. It is possible to glue on adhesive tape or on normal office glue. Periodically check whether have broken your announcement, and update them as required.

5. Very often improvised billboards are done by people near grocery stores where the maximum number of visitors comes. If you place there the advertisement, chances to sell sawn timber will significantly increase.

6. Do not forget that boards are seasonal goods and it is possible to sell them quickly and for the maximum price in warm season as soon as warms the sun and snow will thaw. In the winter demand for construction materials decreases and to sell them much more difficult therefore if you do not hurry, postpone sale of boards until spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team