How to sell carpet

How to sell carpet

Once carpets were considered as sign and attribute of material welfare and many hostesses sought to get them to the apartments, will decorate with them walls, to lay on floor. Over time the mode on carpets has passed, they were replaced by more practical floor coverings. From walls they were moved away too. But if you are owner of handmade rare woolen carpet, then you will be able always to sell carpet to the collector or the one who loves similar design decisions.


1. Prepare carpet for sale. It should be cleaned previously even if it any time stood folded. If it is not really polluted, then perhaps, it will be rather simple to vacuum it properly. When on it spots are found, get special means for cleaning of carpets and try to remove pollution. You should not use for cleaning the pile washing the vacuum cleaner – to dry well at you will not turn out and in carpet ticks can be got.

2. The polluted carpet be weakened in dry-cleaner or in the clearing company practicing cleaning of carpets. These enterprises use cleansers which not only delete spots, but also refresh colors, do them brighter. Such procedure can quite pay off as will allow you to increase the selling cost of carpet.

3. Take pictures of carpet, having photographed it the digital camera. Photos it is better to make several, at least, two. On one your carpet it has to be represented completely, on the second – photograph its fragment close up that the structure of pile was visible.

4. Place advertisement in local newspapers like "From easy hand" or "From hand to hand". They, usually, do not accept the photo, but try to find several "warm" words about the carpet to draw attention of the buyer. Surely specify its sizes, the country where it has been weaved, year of production in the announcement if it is known, and material from which it is weaved. Tell about in what state the carpet whether it hung on wall or decorated with itself floor in the room. Do not forget to write the contact phone numbers and the e-mail address.

5. Besides, post online similar announcements, on the specialized websites where your carpet can find to itself new owners. Apply to the announcement of the photo and expect when buyers appear. Before their arrival spread out carpet as they, for certain, will want to see it completely, in expanded form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team