How to sell the second-hand fridge

How to sell the second-hand fridge

The fridge – the necessary and useful piece of household appliances in kitchen of each hostess. The mode on model of the equipment of this type is changeable - today you want white, and tomorrow gray. And the science does not stand still, annually models of fridges are improved, updating functions and humouring needs of buyers. It is not so simple to remove the old fridge somewhere and to give too, and especially it is just a pity to throw out. The way out of this situation – to sell it.

1. Gossip hotline. The fastest way of realization of subject – sale to someone from acquaintances. Look for potential buyers among owners of seasonal dachas and suburban houses. Also, the fridge can urgently be necessary for the newlyweds and acquaintances having or leasing premises. Anyway, report as it is possible for bigger number of the acquaintances about the forthcoming sale and also tell all functionality and pluses of your fridge.

2. Announcement. Submission of the announcement in the newspaper will demand some material investments. But also the result, as a rule, is solved within week. It is quite fast way of sale. Plus of sale of this type of the fridge is the fact that you directly can discuss nuances of sale with the potential buyer. The announcement in worldwide network Internet gains also every year popularity. This service can cost you free of charge at all. The scale will be one more plus, thus your announcement will be seen not only in your city. But it is worth thinking also of the contingent, the Internet is not so popular among the senior generation.

3. Commission shop. In many commission shops the payment for goods is carried out instantly. It is indisputable plus, but the price is established, as a rule, by shop. One more minus – lack of similar institutions in small towns.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team