How to sell the site

How to sell the site

The parcel – dream of many Russians. It and fine rest for adults and children, and always fresh and organic vegetables and fruit. For this reason supply and demand in the market of the parcels are permanently high.

If you want favourably to sellto site, it is possible to address realtors. The professional agency will find potential buyers, will prepare documents, will issue the contract of purchase and sale. If you are limited in means, then it is possible to be engaged in sale of the site.

Cadastral registration

Any parcel before sale needs to be registered in cadastre. That the site has been considered in the land registry, it is necessary to submit the application with the application of documents of title for the earth to the appropriate administrative authority. As a result the owner of the parcel receives the cadastral plan (card) of the site with the assigned unique number.

Documents of title

To sell the seasonal dacha, it is necessary to prepare documents of title on the earth and, in the presence on the site of residential building, on the real estate in advance. The property right to the earth can be acquired only in case borders of the site are coordinated. If following the results of land surveying the site has appeared more than the size specified in the document for granting lands, then it is necessary to legalize the additional area. For the sites acquired after 31.01.1998, the title document is the certificate of state registration of the property right to the earth. The sites acquired to the specified term have to pass re-registration. The re-registration of the property right to the parcel can be carried out along with registration of the contract of purchase and sale.

Contract of purchase and sale

Contracts of purchase and sale of the parcel consists in simple written form and, if necessary, it is certified at the notary. In the contract the information about the seller and the buyer, information on subject of the contract - the site (according to the cadastral plan), the cost of the contract and order of mutual settlements have to be specified. In need of the contract on the basis of documents BTI the residential building is described. In addition in the contract of purchase and sale conditions of transfer of property, the payer state are discussed. duties, etc. the State registration of transition of the property right to zemlyuchtoba it is correct to guarantee of lack of encumbrances to sell allotment, it is necessary to register the contract in registration chamber. The package of documents including has to be for this purpose prepared:

  • application for registration;
  • the documents proving the identity of participants of the transaction;
  • contract of purchase and sale;
  • documents of title on the earth;
  • receipt on payment state. duties;
  • cadastral plan of the site;
  • other documents (for example if the site is in share property or the owner the minor is)

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team