How to separate socle on bulb

How to separate socle on bulb

Traditional glow lamps often fuse. But not all hurry to throw out them. It is possible to make lovely New Year's toy or stylish mini-vase of such bulb. It is enough to take of it to pieces, to throw out served the internal parts and to wash.


1. If after dismantling the socle is not required any more, it is possible to find the familiar chemist who will agree to lower metal tip of bulb in mix of hydrochloric acid and ammonium nitrate or in fluoric acid. When the socle is dissolved, there will be glass part suitable for decor or other purposes.

2. It is possible to remove socle permanently and manually. For this purpose it is necessary to unbend accurately the thin screw-driver or strong model knife it in the place of contact with glass, and then to take edge combination pliers and to pull that the strip has come off. After that it will be necessary to crumb glue and to separate glass flask.

3. One more option is to tap accurately socle the small hammer. If lamp not new, glue has to crumble and allow to separate bulb into two parts. To finish process, it is necessary to envelop glass part of lamp slightly damp fabric (for the best coupling) and to clamp in one hand, and another by means of combination pliers to scroll socle until it comes off. Here it is important not to be overzealous that glass has not cracked.

4. Also the diamond file will help with office of socle. Its sharp edge it is necessary to file flask in the place of joint with socle. After that it is easy to separate bulb into two parts, but several attempts in case of lack of sufficient experience with glass-cutters can be required.

5. For other option it is worth stocking up with several bulbs as it not always yields the necessary result. Usually it is used for cutting of glass bottles, but several trainings will help to separate also fragile bulb. Neck of flask it is necessary to tie with the rope impregnated with combustible liquid. If to set fire to it, and then to lower in bucket with ice water, from temperature drop glass will burst in the place of heating. But often there are cracks which spoil flask.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team