How to separate space

How to separate space

Before moving to the new apartment or to begin to be equipped in country house, future new settlers make plans of the section of space. Big separate cottage where everyone would have separate room, and for each occupation would exist the room, not all are able to afford. Rather small room needs to be separated into zones that there were both total areas, and separate corners for any given classes.


1. To separate the multiroom apartment or country house into zones not so difficult. In the city apartment you already have kitchen, the hall, bathroom. The kitchen is usually combined with the dining room therefore just define corners where you store products and kitchen utensils where you cook food and where you eat it. If kitchen very big, it is possible to allocate in it couple more of zones – for example, for needlework or for quiet rest and even for reception of guests.

2. Define who in what room will live. If rooms only two, and the family consists of people of three generations, small re-planning is necessary. Parents have to have the room, at the grandfather with the grandmother – the, at children – separate. The senior and younger generation can be lodged in one room, having separated it lengthways partition or even simply screen. Combine the room with the living room and office. It will be so more convenient and in case rooms three. And the youngest receive the most senior about the room, and you will equip the room so that it was possible to use it differently. It can be done by means of furniture. Instead of bed buy sofa bed, instead of bulky dining table – folding. Use hinged and folding furniture - it will allow to keep free space.

3. The one-room apartment can be separated into zones too. In this case it is necessary to look where there are sockets and whether it is necessary to re-plan electrical wiring. In the room there has to be zone for rest and zone for work. All the rest depends on your classes. If you occupy the one-room apartment together with the child, he has to have the corner. In general it is recommended to plan the room so that each family member had piece of personal space where he could settle at discretion. And it not only children's corner and clothes locker, where at everyone the shelf. It and lockers where one stores the disks, and another – tools, and clothes locker where at everyone the shelf. Zones in the one-room apartment can be designated differently. If the room big, it can be separated thin partitions from organic glass or screens. But it is not obligatory to do it. It is possible just in children's corner or corner for sewing to paste other wall-paper or to lay rug of other color.

4. Except rooms and kitchen, there is still hall. If it big, it can be divided into zones too. For example, in very big corridor there can be place for coffee table, chair and the bookshelf. If in the hall there is rather big storeroom, it can be turned into wardrobe. Be at one and room in the room will be made for clothes.

5. The country house has features. Considerable part of country life passes on the street therefore and it is necessary to divide into zones first of all the seasonal dacha. There can be both playground, and the garage combined with workshop in which the father of family, and gazebo or terrace where it is possible to receive guests likes to potter. Rooms serve in the basic for rest and also for reception of guests in the winter if you have winter house. Besides, at the dacha you can re-plan rooms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team