How to separate the nursery into two zones

How to separate the nursery into two zones

Zoning of the children's room pursues not only function of rational distribution of free space, but also activization of children's temperament for performance of certain tasks.

It is required to you

  • Design project of the room, materials of the different invoice


1. Psychologists consider that own free space has to be present at life of each child. Even if the children's room is only dream so far, in the general room the child also has to have the small zone. Let it will be rather small size, only the bed hidden by screen or small tent toy, such corner allows the kid to relax. Otherwise the child will look for privacy in cabinet or under table. When the kid has own room, division of the nursery into zones allows to order living space. In practice the zoning of the room looks not so difficult, even on open spaces of the average children's room within 10 m it is possible to differentiate activity zones depending on their functionality.

2. Zoning of the room gives the chance to normalize activity of the child, having grouped objects for specific type of activity in the certain territory. Thanks to similar way in the room there are no chaotically scattered objects, and the child accurately is guided not only in time, but also in space. For those who think of how to separate the nursery into two zones it is possible to use installation of podium. Either the sleeping zone, or educational rises by it. Rather peculiar the option when over berth the working sector is positioned looks. This way of planning can be embodied at the minimum quantity of the place, enough it is only correct to pick up furniture.

3. Also division of the nursery into zones can be carried out thanks to various invoice of materials. Around bed it is possible to lay soft covering of type of carpet, and the educational or sports zone is allocated by means of linoleum or laminate. It is possible to use also screen, but in small squares it too considerably limits space, cutting it.

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