How to set up portable toilets at the dacha

How to set up portable toilets at the dacha

Dry closets at dachas use to utilize waste of human body. To their help there is composting of waste and prevention of unpleasant smells. As a result of natural processes, compost which is eco-friendly turns out. Portable toilets can be set up in owner-occupied country house – the lack of smells does it quite possible.

It is required to you

  • - dry closet;
  • - drill;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - collars.


1. Set up portable toilets on plain surface. Execute mounting of corrugated pipe with diameter of 50 centimeters which provides extract and has to be in one set with model. Attach pipe to opening which is located in face of the lower part of dry closet. By means of collars record it vertically and bring to the street through executed in wall of toilet I will eat. Having dry closet in residential building, it is possible to increase ventilation system length, having applied simple sanitary pipe with the same diameter, and in that place where it will leave the house, by all means install the deflector.

2. Connect drainage hose by means of which liquid waste will be taken away to the special union. The union is located in the device basis. Water will be directly removed to the soil or in special capacity. In the house carry out installation of toilet with the muffled union.

3. Follow rules in installation time of dry closet. Indoors access to electricity which is necessary for work of ventilation and the compressor has to be by all means provided. The unit consumes the electric power no more, than it is necessary for work of simple electrobulb. Surely provide possibility of assignment from the unit of liquid sewage in drainage through hose.

4. Consider question of that, how exactly to carry out ventilation system – through roof or wall. Carrying out ventilation pipe through wall – its diameter of 75 mm can be the simplest option for performance, and it will not make special work. Only if the wall near which it is supposed to establish toilet – front is better to carry out ventilation through roof. In the esthetic plan it will be so much better.

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