How to sew blinds

How to sew blinds

It is not obligatory to buy already ready normal blinds at all. They can be made independently, having made them such what will be ideal for your interior. In that case curtains will turn out original and unique.

It is required to you

  • - cullets or fabric for portieres;
  • - metal ruler or scissors;
  • - threaded hooks;
  • - glue.


1. Blinds can make of any make-shifts: fabrics, pieces of leather or fur, some do curtains even of CD, calendars and cards! You can use also classical material for blinds - cullets. Precisely measure length and width of your window. Pick up the necessary material for future curtains. Fabric has to coincide with style of the room, and you will be able to paint cullets. Carefully think over width of strips of blinds. Usually they come at each other not less than on one centimeter.

2. Cut cullets on equal strips metal ruler or wooden rail. Attach threaded hooks to blinds. For bigger decorative effect beat hook to small wooden plate, its width has to be equal to width of strip of blinds. Place the upper edge of strip on plate with hook, from above put the same board, only without hook. Fix design by nails or glue. By means of these hooks of blinds will also move.

3. You can paint ready plates in different colors. For this purpose acrylic paints which quickly dry will approach and do not fade in the sun. Blinds do a little of fabric in a different way. Pick up fabric roll with desirable coloring and pattern. Cut the necessary size of strip, invert them face side down. Sew among themselves two strips, do not fix one edge. At you something has to turn out like sleeve. Curtains will also consist of these double rags.

4. Turn out fabric face side outside. Stitch the remained loose edge. You can record hooks also by means of plates. (Rags of fabric, old disks and many other) it is quite simple to blinds to make of non-standard materials too. You need to connect all parts only. You can sew pieces of fabric, leather or fur. To fasten solid materials with copper wire. For this purpose drill small openings in them. When blinds are completely ready, place them on eaves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team