How to sew boards in bed

How to sew boards in bed

Many mothers prefer to sew side - "protection" in crib independently, giving scope of the imagination. It is better to do it separate – of four parts, two on the parties, on one in legs and in headboard. So will erase and dry it more conveniently, besides, it is simpler to enclose filler in separate small covers – sintepon or holofiber.

It is required to you

  • - fabric
  • - filler
  • - velcros
  • - sewing accessories


1. Buy fabric (cotton, calico or coarse calico) beautiful, bright coloring, it is better – with children's pattern. Surely wash it before cut in order to avoid shrinkage of finished product.

2. For side in standard crib (berth – 120 by 60 cm) it is necessary to find several parts: four rectangles 126 long, 38 cm wide, and as much – 63 long, 43 cm wide. It is desirable to find mating parts so that after their connection the drawing on fabric coincided.

3. Fasteners on velcros require 16 rectangular parts of 7 by 10 cm in size, for ruches – two strips 90 long and 12 cm wide (on the short parties of side), and two – the same width, but 180 cm long (on its long parties). Ties will require 20 long strips, 53 by 7 cm.

4. Fold the strips intended for ties double (inner side inside) along their long party and stitch along two other parties, short and long then turn out and iron.

5. Sew fasteners on the same algorithm. Sew prickly part of velcro in the chosen place on side, and you pristrochit its soft part on fastener. I quarter, tuck the raw party of fastener also to pristrochita to side.

6. Prisoberite of ruche on width of sides, previously having put the parts intended for them longwise twice, face side outside.

7. Put patterns of sides in pairs face side inside, having enclosed between them ties and ruche. Stitch from three parties, turn out. Enclose filler in cover, you zastrochit side from below. If as filler sintepon is used, it is necessary, in order to avoid its knocking down when washing, to make line on side perimeter, having receded 4-5 cm from its edge (holofiber during washing is not rumpled). With width of fabric of one and a half meters its expense will make about 4 m. It is possible to buy more and to sew bedding set in bed of the same coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team