How to sew chair bag

How to sew chair bag

The first frameless model of such chair has appeared more than forty years ago. This very convenient and cozy chair which looks remarkably and stylish in any interior. If you have at least small skills of sewing, sew to yourself such chair bag - it will be so pleasant to relax after day of work in front of the TV in the soft, taking the form of your body chair.

It is required to you

  • Fabric of two types
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Chair pattern
  • Threads
  • Zipper
  • Polystyrene (balls)


1. The first step of sewing of chair - it is necessary to prepare fabric from which you will sew chair. For this purpose it is necessary to wash, dry up and iron out fabric for sewing that she has not sat down. Pay attention that fabric for internal cover has to be very strong, but at the same time has to pass air that the chair took the form of your body at once and air did not prevent to be blown off inside. The top fabric needs to be selected taking into account your interior, it is possible to sew several covers on chair to change them.

2. Then fabric needs to be cut out on pattern which you have. Usually the chair pear is sewed from wedges and bottom. The top cover is sewed so: it is necessary to put in pairs wedge face side inside, then to sweep away them. After that to stitch on the sewing machine strong seam, better double. After that the seam needs to be smoothed down on one party and to make stitching one centimeter wide.

3. Sewing one couple of wedges, previously to vmetayta one zipper there. Through it the internal bag will be inserted. In the same way to pristrachivayta other wedges and bottom. After insertion it is necessary to remove basting. After that it is necessary to sew upper part of bag, then through lightning, the lower part of bag is sewn.

4. The internal cover becomes according to the same scheme, with small difference. The lightning is not inserted, and in the beginning the lower part of bag is sewn to the sewed side wedges, then in bag expanded polystyrene balls are fallen asleep (approximately for 2/3), and the upper part of bag is sewn only after that. Balls can be got in any furniture or hardware store.

5. It was necessary only to insert internal bag with balls into the top cover and to zip. The chair is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team